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CCTV with a Raspberry Pi and Arch Linux

cctv-con-una-raspberry-pi-y-arch-linuxIf you uilizas users Arch Linux distro for your Raspberry Pi, Here I bring you a small tutorial to convert the Raspberry Pi in a CCTV (closed circuit television) with a camera module. Basically, Raspberry IP makes use of the Raspicam application for decision [...]

The analog sensors Raspberry Pi using MCP3008

sensores-analogicos-en-la-raspberry-pi-utilizando-un-mcp3008One of the shortcomings of the Raspberry Pi computer are the analog inputs as they exist on other devices, leaving many analog sensors can not be used directly. To do this we will need a digital to analogue converter to be able to use these sensors as n [...]

Raspberry Pi Cam with GPS map data and

raspberry-pi-cam-con-datos-y-mapa-gpsMartin O'Hanlon has continued its project of installing a Raspberry Pi and camera module in the car and now has decided to overlay the recorded video, with GPS map, and data ODB. "OBD (On Board Diagnostics) is a system on-board diagnostics on vehicles (car [...]

Handling SQL databases with Python

manejo-de-bases-de-datos-sql-con-pythonI bring you a tutorial for beginners, but suitable for more experienced programmers, also. It takes the reader from the management of the SQL database to create a functional database, with menus, buttons, a grid control and radio buttons. M [...]

Pi3D, Python graphics library for Raspberry Pi

pi3d-biblioteca-grafica-en-python-para-raspberry-piThere are plenty of 3D code around the Raspberry Pi, but much of it is quite complicated to understand. pi3d is a library for Python that aims to greatly simplify 3D writing in Python, While it gives access to the graphical power of the [...]